Welcome to The West Pokot County Public Service Board Portal

Welcome to the Homepage of the west pokot county government public service board. The west pokot county psb main aim is to provide comprehensive employment services, foster harmonious labour relations, promote and safeguard employees’ rights and benefits as well as safe working environment.

Employment is the key to people’s livelihood .thus free and efficient employment assistance is essential to improve efficiency; our key focus in this website is the county psb employment portal. Read More

Our Recruitment Process

Selection to positions within the West Pokot County Public Service is based on the principles of appointment on merit and the provision of equal employment opportunity.

The appointment of employees is made on the basis of the individual capacity of the person having particular regard to the knowledge, skills, qualifications, experience and potential for future development of that person in their employment.

Selection on the basis of merit means that the grounds for the decision must directly relate to the inherent requirements of the position and prevents those decisions being made on unjustified discriminatory grounds.

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